Coast Guard

Combat Veterans Association

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The CGCVA: Who and What We Are.

The United States Coast Guard has participated in nearly every war, declared and undeclared, since 1790. Its combat veterans have contributed outstanding service and many paid the ultimate price for safeguarding the freedom of this nation.

The Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association is a Non-Profit Association of Active Duty Members, Retired Members, Reserve Members, and Honorably Discharged Former Members of the United States Coast Guard, who served in, or provided direct support to combat situations recognized by an appropriate Military award, while serving as a member of the United States Coast Guard. We were established in 1985 by a group of Coast Guard veterans, whose wartime experiences brought a special kinship and camaraderie that generated an interest in socializing and sharing common experiences.

The Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association is dedicated to extending the knowledge of the Coast Guard’s service and participation in those significant historical events in United States history. The CGCVA provides a living link between the present and past, so that the future may learn and develop from it.

In additional to being a fraternal organization, dedicated to fellowship among it’s membership, we provide educational scholarships, as part of our effort to support the public, and to bring awareness of the United States Coast Guard’s military missions and to reinforce the motto Semper Paratus - "Always Ready”