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The Officers

Terry O'Connell, LM

 National President


Bruce Bruni, LM

National Vice President


Gary Sherman, LM

  National Secretary / Treasurer



Board of Trustees’

PNP Stephen H. Petersen LM   


   Butch Hampton, LM, 2term

    Michael A. Johnson , LM 2term

         Mark Pearson, 1term

         Joseph Prince, 1term


Robert Bailey*

Noel Bell

Gil Benoit, LM (PNP)*

John Ehrmann*

Paul A. Ewaldt*

Ned Fontaine, LM*

John Gnegy, LM*

Baker W. Herbert, LM*

Bill Hoover, LM, (PNP)*

Donald Kneip (CTB-’95)*

R.W. Madura,LM*

Barry Nance,LM*

VADM. T.R.  Sargent III, LM*

Paul Scotti, LM (PNP)

Roger Williams,LM*





Gary Sherman, NS/T


Convention Planner

Bruce Bruni, LM

Michael Placencia, PNP

Michael A. Johnson, LM


Nominating Committee

William Figone


Membership Director 

PNP Michael Placencia


Quarterdeck Log


Bruce Bruni, LM



PNP Paul Scotti, LM



Russell Weeks


Richard Ames, LM


Mike Placencia, LM



Vince Patton, LM

Small Stores Manager

Richard Hogan, Jr.

Cape May Coordinator

Thomas Dougherty

Coast Guard Academy

Parent's Day Representative

Edward Bachand

Service Officers

Tom Huckelberry

Larry Jones 

CGCVA Auxiliary

Barbara Weeks


Linda Kay

Vice President

Javaughn Miller






P O BOX 969




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The Book is out! 


by Robert G. Breen, Associate Member of the CGCVA and Dr. Douglas E. Campbell, noted Naval Historian and published writer.

The cost is $20.00 at book signings and by mail. Send Check or Money order to Robert G. Breen, 743 Fringed Orchid Trail, Venice, FL 34293 The book is also available on for $26.75 as well as Barnes and Noble Book Stores.

The Story of USS Serpens (AK-97) and the Quest for Reinstatement of the Purple Heart The story of USS Serpens (AK-97) is an important chapter in Coast Guard history - the most tragic loss of life in the more than 220 years of Coast Guard service to the United States. Contained within these pages is the official ship’s War Diary along with some 200 personal letters sent from Serpens’ crew to their friends and loved ones waiting for them to return home. On 29 January 1945, while sitting off Guadalcanal, Serpens exploded. Of the roughly 250 crew and Army stevedores on board at the time, only two Coastguardsmen survived. While this is the story of ship and crew, the final chapter still needs to be written – the awarding of the Purple Heart. It was awarded, the two who survived and several families of those killed received them, and then through misstep or miscommunication, the medal was rescinded. Help reinstate the Purple Heart on behalf of the relatives of the Serpens’ crew


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VA Expands Agent Orange Eligibility for More Ships

The list of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships associated with military service in Vietnam and possible exposure to Agent Orange has moved to the Veterans Benefits Administration compensation website. The updated list can now be found on VBA’s “Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange” Web page.

Honoring Vietnam War Veterans
and Their

            Congress authorized the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration, to oversee the honoring of Vietnam War veterans and their families during 2015 to 2017.

            The Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association is a Commemorative Partner in this endeavor.  Consequently, we agree to carry out events and activities to salute Vietnam veterans.  These salutes may be initiated and done by our members.

            Things to honor veterans and their families can be anything you can imagine:  e.g. having students/youths compose essays; holding exhibits (photo, artifacts, models); holding ceremonies; hosting luncheons; giving talks; and so on.

            As a Commemorative Partner the CGCVA is called upon to provide the Vietnam War Commemoration submissions of upcoming events, if applicable, and an after-action summary of what we have done.  To remain a partner the Association has to perform at least two activities a year.

To get word out to our members please post the attached notice on our website.

Thank you.
Paul C. Scotti
CGCVA Co-Founder/Historian Chairman,
Commemorative Partner Committee