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The Officers

Stephen Petersen, LM

 National President


Terry O'Connell, LM

National Vice President


Gary Sherman, LM

  National Secretary / Treasurer



Board of Trustees’

   PNP Michael Placenica


          Bruce Bruni, LM, 2term

       Robert Macleod  , LM 2term

     Gil "Frenchy" Benoit, LM,1term

         William Figone, LM, 1term


Robert Bailey

Noel Bell

Gil Benoit, LM (PNP)

John Ehrmann

Paul A. Ewaldt

Ned Fontaine, LM

John Gnegy, LM*

Baker W. Herbert, LM*

Bill Hoover, LM, (PNP)

Donald Kneip (CTB-’95)*

R.W. Madura,LM

Barry Nance,LM*

VADM. T.R.  Sargent III, LM*

Paul Scotti, LM (PNP)

Roger Williams,LM*




Service Officer

Tom Huckelberry

Larry Jones


Thomas Hart

PNP Paul Scotti


Convention Planner

Michael Placencia, PNP

Gary Sherman, NS/T

Bruce Bruni, LM


Nominating Committee

William Figone


Membership Director 

PNP Michael Placencia


Quarterdeck Log


Bruce Bruni, LM

Gary Sherman, LM

PNP Michael Placencia, LM



PNP Paul Scotti, LM



Russell Weeks


Richard Ames, LM


Mike Placencia, LM



Vince Patton, LM

Small Stores Manager

Richard Hogan, Jr.

Cape May Coordinator

Thomas Dougherty








An important message from National President, Stephen Petersen:

Association Members, 

The Coast Guard's 41,000 active duty members will not be paid on their next pay day scheduled for Jan. 15th due to the lack of appropriations in the ongoing government shutdown.  This may also effect retired Coast Guard members.  Since the Coast Guard is funded by the Department of Homeland Security and not the Dept. of Defense, we are greatly impacted by the lapse of appropriations.

If you feel that the Coast Guard should be paid in a timely manner, it is your right to contact your elected federal, state and local officials and voice your opinion.  This is an individual choice, which if exercised could possibly bring about pressure that would resolve the current situation.  Bills were introduced earlier last week in both the US House and Senate to ensure that our members get paid, but whether the legislation, "Pay our Coast Guard Act" can be approved before January 15th is doubtful.  Congress needs a push!  The Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Program is ready and willing to assist CG members E-5 and below with temporary loans in the amount of $1,000 and $750, depending on dependent status (Refer to AC 434/15 msg). 

On 1-11-19 Vice Commandant ADM Charles Ray (CGCVA member) has issued an ALCOAST 434/18 message that addresses some of the most frequently asked questions that CG members may have pertaining too the shutdown.  This site, https// will be continually updated, as necessary.  (See the following message). 

We as an Association, have members active/retired in high places, working diligently to help resolve the pay crisis.  We wish them the best in their endeavors. 

Semper Paratus!

Steve Petersen, MCPO (Ret.)

National President

Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association



From:  Vice Commandant Charles W. Ray

To the Men and Women of the United States Coast Guard: Our entire Coast Guard workforce - civilian, military and retirees - continue to feel the increasing impacts of our lapse in appropriations.  I am constantly inspired by the way our Coast Guard family, service organizations, and local communities have pulled together to help one another.  Your senior leadership team has promised to provide updates on available resources for those in need.  In additional to our emails, information concerning the shutdown and resources available is regularly updated at  I recommend bookmarking that page. Here are some of the latest developments:

1. Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA):  We have expanded the limits for interest free CGMA loans to personnel and their families to $1,500 for those with dependents and $1,000 for those without dependents. We have also expanded the eligibility to all active duty and civilian employees.  To expedite requests, spouses of deployed members may also apply directly for a CGMA loan.  Assistance in excess of these limits is available to members demonstrating a greater need.

2. Child Development Centers (CGC's):  Coast Guard CDCs have deferred payment and suspended collection on delinquent account for Coast Guard civilian and military members not receiving pay during the lapse in appropriations. 

3. Government Travel Charge Card(GTCC):  Some members may have received an automatic notice concerning GTCC payment due. This was a regretful system-generated announcement by GTCC service.  We have worked with DHS and J. P Morgan chase on a resolution.  J. P Morgan Chase has agreed to system assessments of new delinquent payment penalties, and no actions will be taken on accounts until 12 February.  Additional information will be provided if funding is not restored by 29 January. 

4. Privatized Government Housing:  We are actively working with DoD to notify all privatized government housing sites that Coast Guard BAH allotments will not be available until funding is restored.  However the government does not have the authority to suspend or delay payments for these privatized contracts.  We recommend providing the "letter to creditors" available on the website to your housing manager that encourages flexibility until this situation is resolved.

5. Non-Government Resources:  Many non-CG resources exist that may help ease your burden.  We have posted a new link at that consolidates some of those resources.  

In additional to the website, you can email questions to (military and retirees) or (civilians).  The Pay and Personnel Center Call Center helpline is from 0730 to 1600 CST and can be reached at 866-772-8724.

Through your devotion to duty, I can assure you we will weather this storm.  Thank you for standing the watch.  i have never been more proud to serve alongside you!

Semper Paratus, 

Admiral Charles W. Ray, Vice Commandant


CGCVA’s new Administrative Office mailing address has changed, effective April 15, 2016.

P O Box 777
Havre De Grace,
Maryland 21078

Gary Sherman
National Secretary/Treasurer

Contact me at 610-476-8061 (c)  




Out of the 1,300+  members of the CGCVA, only about 450 of you have submitted your email address.   That's only about 35% of you!

Why is your email needed?

If we have your email:

1) We can quickly let you know about events in your area.

2) We can make announcements quickly to the entire association that cannot wait until the next issue of the Quarterdeck Log comes out.

3) If your dues are past due, you'll get an email simply indicating that your dues are past due and you need to send money in right away, to keep your membership active.

4) We can contact you more quickly if we have a question about a payment we've received.


So many times we'll have your address in our system and get a check for your dues renewal and the addresses don't match.  Some times we get a check, which doesn't match the address in our system, and the return address on the envelope doesn't match the check or our system address so it's impossible to determine which is your current address.  So we call your phone number and it doesn't work or we leave a message and we get no response.  Email would help get the message to you and it's easier for you to respond.

5)  Email is the best form of communication.  It saves us having to mail you a post card when your dues are past due.   

6)  If email isn't your thing, we can use your kids or grandkid's email to send CGCVA notices.

So please consider joining the 21st century and send in your email address.

As a matter of fact, just email us at or just click on the highlighted "Email Address" above to open a pre addressed email and we'll receive your email address !!!!

We appreciate your cooperation!

Thank you!


VA Expands Agent Orange Eligibility for More Ships

The list of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships associated with military service in Vietnam and possible exposure to Agent Orange has moved to the Veterans Benefits Administration compensation website. The updated list can now be found on VBA’s “Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange” Web page.

Honoring Vietnam War Veterans
and Their

            Congress authorized the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration, to oversee the honoring of Vietnam War veterans and their families during 2015 to 2017.

            The Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association is a Commemorative Partner in this endeavor.  Consequently, we agree to carry out events and activities to salute Vietnam veterans.  These salutes may be initiated and done by our members.

            Things to honor veterans and their families can be anything you can imagine:  e.g. having students/youths compose essays; holding exhibits (photo, artifacts, models); holding ceremonies; hosting luncheons; giving talks; and so on.

            As a Commemorative Partner the CGCVA is called upon to provide the Vietnam War Commemoration submissions of upcoming events, if applicable, and an after-action summary of what we have done.  To remain a partner the Association has to perform at least two activities a year.

To get word out to our members please post the attached notice on our website.

Thank you.
Paul C. Scotti
CGCVA Co-Founder/Historian Chairman,
Commemorative Partner Committee