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The Officers

Stephen Petersen, LM

 National President


Terry O'Connell, LM

National Vice President


Gary Sherman, LM

  National Secretary / Treasurer



Board of Trustees’

PNP Michael Placencia, LM   


   Gil "Frenchy" Benoit, LM, 2term

    William Figone  , LM 2term

         Bruce Bruni, LM,1term

     Butch Hampton, LM, 1term


Robert Bailey

Noel Bell

Gil Benoit, LM (PNP)

John Ehrmann

Paul A. Ewaldt

Ned Fontaine, LM

John Gnegy, LM*

Baker W. Herbert, LM*

Bill Hoover, LM, (PNP)

Donald Kneip (CTB-’95)*

R.W. Madura,LM

Barry Nance,LM*

VADM. T.R.  Sargent III, LM*

Paul Scotti, LM (PNP)

Roger Williams,LM*




Service Officer

Tom Huckelberry

Larry Jones


Thomas Hart

PNP Paul Scotti


Convention Planner

Bruce Bruni, LM

Michael Placencia, PNP

Gary Sherman, NS/T


Nominating Committee

William Figone


Membership Director 

PNP Michael Placencia


Quarterdeck Log


Bruce Bruni, LM



PNP Paul Scotti, LM



Russell Weeks


Richard Ames, LM


Mike Placencia, LM



Vince Patton, LM

Small Stores Manager

Richard Hogan, Jr.

Cape May Coordinator

Thomas Dougherty






BY TELEPHONE:       410-690-8000 


BY MAIL:          CGCVA

                            P O BOX 777

                            HAVRE DE GRACE, MARYLAND              


Please leave a message on our CGCVA voicemail, any time 24/7/365 and we'll return your call as soon as possible. 

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If you attended the Charleston reunion, or any previous reunion,  please give the Reunion Committee some feedback on your experience, so we can make the next reunion even better!  

Please email the Reunion Committee at and indicate "Reunion" in the subject line.  

Let us know about your experiences (good or bad) so we can gather useful information to make the next reunion an event that you and others will want to experience in the future! 

The Reunion Committee needs to hear from you! 



The Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association is a Commemorative Partner of the United States of America Vietnam War 50th Commemoration.  Please read the following request from our Vietnam War Vietnam 50th Commemorative historian, Marc R. Henderson:

To Coast Guard Vietnam Veterans:

I am reaching out to you to solicit participants in our oral history program.

The Vietnam War 50th Commemoration partners with the Library of Congress Veteran's History Project to collect, preserve, and make accessible the personal accounts of Vietnam War veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.  

Our team regularly conducts video-recorded oral history interviews with Vietnam veterans; the participants tell the stories in their own words. We include all ranks and services, and reflect the diversity of experiences. Mr. Joe Galloway, former UPI journalist and co-author of "We Were Soldiers Once, and Young," conducts the interviews. Our organization sends the unedited interview footage to the Library of Congress Veterans History Project, which preserves these accounts and makes them accessible to the American public.

Our staff would be honored to preserve the experiences of Coastguardsmen that served in Vietnam. We will be in the following locations this summer and fall:
August 4-10, 2019: Louisville, KY
September 8-14, 2019: San Diego, CA
September 22-28, 2019: San Antonio, TX
October 21-25, 2019: Washington, DC
November 10-16, 2019: Naples/Ft Meyer, FL

To schedule an interview, or learn more about the Vietnam War 50th Commemoration's Oral History Program contact Mr. Marc Henderson or (703) 697-4879.



Marc R. Henderson
History & Legacy Branch
Vietnam War 50th Commemoration
241 18th Street South, Suite 101
Arlington, VA 22202
Office - 703-697-4879

"Join the nation. thank a Vietnam veteran!"


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So many times we'll have your address in our system and get a check for your dues renewal and the addresses don't match.  Some times we get a check, which doesn't match the address in our system, and the return address on the envelope doesn't match the check or our system address so it's impossible to determine which is your current address.  So we call your phone number and it doesn't work or we leave a message and we get no response.  Email would help get the message to you and it's easier for you to respond.

5)  Email is the best form of communication.  It saves us having to mail you a post card when your dues are past due.   

6)  If email isn't your thing, we can use your kids or grandkid's email to send CGCVA notices.

So please consider joining the 21st century and send in your email address.

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VA Expands Agent Orange Eligibility for More Ships

The list of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships associated with military service in Vietnam and possible exposure to Agent Orange has moved to the Veterans Benefits Administration compensation website. The updated list can now be found on VBA’s “Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange” Web page.

Honoring Vietnam War Veterans
and Their

            Congress authorized the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration, to oversee the honoring of Vietnam War veterans and their families during 2015 to 2017.

            The Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association is a Commemorative Partner in this endeavor.  Consequently, we agree to carry out events and activities to salute Vietnam veterans.  These salutes may be initiated and done by our members.

            Things to honor veterans and their families can be anything you can imagine:  e.g. having students/youths compose essays; holding exhibits (photo, artifacts, models); holding ceremonies; hosting luncheons; giving talks; and so on.

            As a Commemorative Partner the CGCVA is called upon to provide the Vietnam War Commemoration submissions of upcoming events, if applicable, and an after-action summary of what we have done.  To remain a partner the Association has to perform at least two activities a year.

To get word out to our members please post the attached notice on our website.

Thank you.
Paul C. Scotti
CGCVA Co-Founder/Historian Chairman,
Commemorative Partner Committee