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The CGCVA Logo.

In 1985 and 1986, a group of Coast Guard veterans of Southeast Asia gathered at Chicago and and Reno for informal fellowship and remembrance. They tentatively called themselves American Southeast Asia Coast Guard Veterans. However, during the 1986 reunion, they decided to develop a formal organization that became the Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association.

They developed the usual matters of organization, by-laws, membership and dues. One of the discussions held was of an organizational symbol, a logo, by which to identify the organization. Although, the scope and symbolic parameters for a logo have been lost, the CGCVA solicited suggestions for a logo.

Twenty-eight designs were submitted and by May 1989 an unknown panel selected the current design, The design was of the late John G. Carnila of Bedford, Pennsylvania. The two finalists for the logo design were Mr. E. "Duke" Schneider and LCDR Christopher Gillespie, USCG (Ret).

John G. Carnila Designed the Original CGCVA Logo

Mr. John G. Carnila served aboard USS (CG) Dickman (APA-13) in the amphibious assaults at Normandy, Southern France and Okinawa. He retired as a teacher in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania School System in 1980


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